Facilities of the Labe aréna Račice training center offer three possibilities of the high-level training:

Zoom galleryCompetition training on 2 km fully buoyed course of artificial water channel of these technical parameters:  

    • Total lenght 2 350 m
    • Total width 130 m
    • Depth of the channel 3,5 m
    • The return channel (30 m width) connected with the main channel at the 600 m and 1 100m marks
    • 9 lanes of 9 m width marked with Albano system
    • Protected against wind alongside the course from start to finish and side waves by construction design and shores trimming
    • Asphalt road 5 km around the channel

Zoom galleryLong distance training on running water of the Elbe river:

New Boatyard located on the bank of the Elbe river equipped with modern gym, ergo and physio rooms allows athletes long distance training on the float water up to 11 km without water traffic. 



Zoom gallery

Land based training:

  • Fully equipped indoor gym
  • Ergo room
  • Running, cycling or roller scating on the 2,5 km asphalt road around the channel or nature tracks in the vicinity of the venue



Training support services:

  • Boat storage
  • Hire out of the motor boat for the support of athletes from the water
  • Bike rental for the coaching of athletes from the land